PRTG 9 Manual: User Access Rights

The default administrator can use the PRTG installation as the only user or can create an unlimited number of users. Users are organized using an unlimited number of groups (which also control their security settings). All access rights are defined on group level in the settings of each object in your PRTG device tree.

There are administrator users, read/write users, and read only users. With these tools, you can create a rights management that allows you to specify exactly what users will be able to see and edit. All the security settings as well as further rights management are conducted via the user groups. This means that group membership controls what a user may do and which objects he/she sees when logged in. The actual rights for each object can be defined in an object's settings. There, you can define different rights for each user group. Again, these settings are inherited.

For more information about defining rights, please see the following sections:

You can define access rights for each user group in the settings of a probe, group, device, or sensor. For more information, please see Object Settings section.

For information about connecting PRTG to an existing Active Directory, please see Active Directory Integration.


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