PRTG 9 Manual: ToDos

The Enterprise Console has a tab-like interface. Using the tabs you can navigate through various pages with information about your monitored objects, such as your network's status, monitoring results, etc., as well as access maps, reports, and settings.

Windows GUI Menu Tabs Bar

Windows GUI Menu Tabs Bar

There is documentation available for the following tabs:

ToDos Menu Tab

The ToDos list shows items with important system information or action steps to take for the administrator.

New ToDos are created when:

  • A new device or sensor has been created by the auto-discovery process and should be acknowledged by the user
  • A new probe connects to the core and must be acknowledged
  • A new cluster node connects to the cluster and must be acknowledged
  • A new version of the software is available
  • A new report is ready for review
  • In a few other situations, such as when the system runs out of disk space, for licensing issues, etc.

The list shows all available ToDos.

You can either view the entries of one or all servers. If you have configured more than one PRTG core server and you want to view entries from all servers in your PRTG Servers setup, simply select All PRTG Servers from the server selection in the upper right corner.

Note: By default, an email is sent to the administrator for every new ToDo that is created by the system. This can be changed in the System Administration—System and Website (Email Options) settings of each PRTG core server.

Acknowledge ToDos

Every ToDo should be viewed and acknowledged. Acknowledged ToDos will no longer appear in the Enterprise Console's ToDos list.

  • In order to acknowledge a single ToDo, select it and from the main menu, select Edit | Acknowledge selected ToDo object (you can also right-click on the respective Todo to view the context menu with the same option).
  • In order to acknowledge all ToDos in the list, select Edit | Acknowledge all ToDos from the main menu (you can also right-click any Todo to view the context menu with the same option).

View ToDos in Web Interface

Double click on any ToDo to view the ToDos list of the respective PRTG core server in the Ajax Web Interface.

When you click on one of these items, a new window or tab of the external browser configured in the Enterprise Console's Options will open and PRTG will automatically login and redirect you to the respective web page. If your browser displays a certificate warning, please find more information in the SSL Certificate Warning section.


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