PRTG 9 Manual: Maps

The Enterprise Console has a tab-like interface. Using the tabs you can navigate through various pages with information about your monitored objects, such as your network's status, monitoring results, etc., as well as access maps, reports, and settings.

Windows GUI Menu Tabs Bar

Windows GUI Menu Tabs Bar

There is documentation available for the following tabs:

Maps Menu Tab

The page is split into two parts. On the left hand side you see all available maps from one or several servers, on the right hand side the actual maps are displayed.

  • Single-click on a map's name to display it. This is a view-only mode. You cannot edit maps here.
  • Double-click on a map's name to open the map in the default web browser. You can then edit it using the Maps Designer, or add new maps on this PRTG server. For more information see Maps section.

When you click on one of these items, a new window or tab of the external browser configured in the Enterprise Console's Options will open and PRTG will automatically login and redirect you to the respective web page. If your browser displays a certificate warning, please find more information in the SSL Certificate Warning section.


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