PRTG 9 Manual: System Administration—Cluster

To open system administration, select Setup | System Administration from main menu. Click on the tabs to change the different settings.

System Administration Tabs

System Administration Tabs

You can define the following aspects of your PRTG system setup:

In the cluster settings you can define the cluster settings. During installation of a cluster, the cluster settings were already pre-defined. See the cluster status to see if all nodes in your cluster are properly connected.

Cluster Settings

Note: This documentation refers to the PRTG System Administrator user accessing the Ajax interface on a master node. For other user accounts, interfaces, or nodes, not all of the options might be available as described. When using a cluster installation, failover nodes are read-only by default.

You can set up two, three, four, or five nodes in one cluster. In the table of the cluster settings, the information of each node is written in one line.

Node Settings

Node Name

Enter the name of the node (for display purposes).

Node ID

The ID is unique for every node. We recommend using the default value.

Node State

You can set the state for every failover node. Choose between:

  • Active: Set the node to be active.
  • Inactive: Set the node to be not active. It will be disabled in the cluster configuration. It will then be not an active part of the cluster and will not appear in the cluster status any more.

This setting is not available for the master node of a cluster. The master is always set to Active.

IPs/DNS Names used for Connections Between Nodes

Define the IP addresses or DNS names that will be used for the connections between the nodes. You can enter different values for every node–node connection. For example, in the field #2 => #1, enter the IP address that the second cluster member (this is a failover node) will use to connect to the master node server.

Click on the Save button to store your settings. If you change tabs or use the main menu, all changes to the settings will be lost!

In order to put a cluster node to Maintenance Mode, please see PRTG Status—System Status.

The entire setup process for a cluster requires several different steps. For more information and step-by-step guidance, please see Install a PRTG Cluster section.




There are some settings that have to be made in the System Administration Tools, available as native Windows applications. For more details, please see sections:


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