PRTG 9 Manual: About this Document

This document introduces you to the system concepts of PRTG Network Monitor and explains how to set up the software to achieve the best monitoring results. You will learn how to plan your monitoring setup, how to set up your devices and sensors, dependencies, reports, notifications, maps, user accounts, and clustering for fail-safe monitoring.

This document is also meant as a reference for all available settings. Short contextual help is already provided within the Ajax web interface; in this manual you often get some more help regarding the different options available.

This document does not explain monitoring protocols and file formats in-depth. Also, the use of the Application Programming Interface (API) built into PRTG is only briefly addressed. Whenever possible, hyperlinks to more detailed resources are provided, such as articles in the Paessler Knowledge Base.

To start using PRTG right away, please see the Quick Start Guide section. For more detailed instructions, see the other sections.



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